Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chocolate Brown Brother... IV

Have you ever read a book and fallen in love with the Chocolate Brown Brother main character?

Well I know I have!

I have a visual imagination and when I read a story I try to envision the characters. Depending on their characteristics I may picture them looking like someone I know in my personal life. However after seeing Devil in a Blue Dress, I know the casting director could not have picked a better, sexier person to play Ezekiel (Easy) Rawlins than Denzel Washington. Easy Rawlins is one smooth private investigator who with his close friend and partner in crime, Raymond (Mouse) Alexander has been solving crimes, kicking butt and saving lives in 10ish Easy Rawlins mysteries. After seeing the movie, I've always pictured Denzel as Easy and Don Cheadle as Mouse in my reading.

Then when Walter Mosley released the Fearless Jones mysteries... even though Paris Minton is the narrator and main character who falls into the most trouble, always gets beat up and solves the crime in the end, it's his buddy Fearless who comes through whupping heads and leaving behind a badass reputation. So if anyone ever decides to write a screenplay of this mystery series, they should ask me first because I always picture Michael Jai White and his martial artist skills kicking butt and escaping death time and time again.

Lastly... there's Gideon from author Eric Jerome Dickey. Gideon I'm pretty sure is really the main character Dante from Thieves Paradise however Dickey brings Gideon to light in his Gideon Trilogy Series (Sleeping with Strangers, Waking with Enemies and the soon-to-be- released Dying for Revenge). Gideon is a ruthless, contract killer who meets these 2 mysterious women on a flight to London and let me tell you.... there are at least 100 pages of borderline porn, explicit sex I tell you! So to me Gideon is pure hotness. If they ever created a screenplay of this trilogy, Tyrese (Black Ty) Gibson should definitely be Gideon. Yes Lawd!


Ticia said...

Hey girly!!

Why did you have to bring up Gideon from EJD?

Oh.. this man - I have painted him with a beautiful brush in my mind - the stregth - and them love scenes --- aahhhh....

Why Msknowitall - goes home to read those sections! LOL

Obama Mama said...

Yes. I do feel you on that. Man I remember when I first read How Stella Got her Groove Back, man I could see Winston right before my eyes. Although Taye is fine as hell and I fell in love with him in the movie, I didn't think thats how winston would look. I was thinking more along the lines of Shaggy, you know "it wasn't me, boombastic".

MsKnowitAll said...

Ticia... YES, YES, YES! I would get flushed reading the book on the bus so I had to pace myself and read it at home. LOL

Obama Mama... HELLO! Yes I pictured Winston with a more yardi look and I think they actually could have picked a real Jamaican to play the part. The accent would have been ridiculous! Thanks for commenting. :)