Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chocolate Brown Brother... III

Part III of my Chocolate Brown Brother theme...

When I was younger, I dated within my age bracket but as I got older, I find that I am naturally attracted to older men. My guy is 8 years older and though, that's not too bad, when I was 18, I dated a man who was 35.

I guess it began when I reached puberty at an early age and older men more so than the young boys were attracted to the thick, shapely me. I remember in the 5th grade when my 1st love Mauricio told me he wouldn't go with me because I was fat. Now Mauricio's mother and all 3 of his sisters were heavysets. Here we are 20+ years later and now Mauricio wanna be sweating a sister.

Okay I rambled there...

In any case, I love an older, seasoned man, younger than my daddy but strong, confident and able to hold and stand his ground. While I hold my own financially, I'm not looking for anyone to take care of me and I'm not looking to take care of anyone either. I don't want to have to help him pay his rent or house note nor loan him money to pay off the money he borrowed from his mama. Older men tend to be financially sound... well some of them anyway.

While I'm sure men in their early 30s are great, I prefer the mannerism and chivalry of an older gentleman. For me it's not all about sex, cars and clothes... all of the time - LOL - but about music, culture, art, theories, philosophies and so much more. I won't knock a man closer to my age if he's got his head on straight but he's got to have the finesse that most older men have perfected and possess.


Kiayaphd said...

Lord Have Mercy!! I thought I had moved on pass my Denzel fetish. . . I gotta come back, can't think right now. . .

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

When I was young I liked older men. Now I tend to favor younger men.

Younger men who were raised well. Have something in life, jobs, and going after dreams.

Even though me and my "friend" go through it he is younger (six years). He has a great job. Looks out for this family and always opens my doors and makes me walk on the inside.

Oh and I like good sex.

Denzel looks good in that picture.

Lovebabz said...

Are you trying to KILL ME!

You got me thinking about Brothers all the time...(smile)

I like all sorts of men...not too young and not too old. I like middle of the road.

How many more of these types of posts?...LOL!

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

This is number 3?? Hold up, I missed one, and you know I will go back to look at the picture ;)

I agree that there is something about an older man. I have dated older, my age and younger men. Right now, well...not ready to tell that story yet. (I'll keep you posted ;)

I like older men for the same reasons you stated. But, it is all about how you carry yourself. As an old soul I don't want the "young life" so many people are still chasing.

Monique said...

Girl Denzel is my dreamman. If he and Paulette ever end, Ill be standing in the wings.

I used to date several older guys. I was 21 and he was36; Iwas 21 and he was 40. I prefer older men

MsKnowitAll said...

Kiaya... I didn't become fixated on Denzel until I got grown... he's grown & sexy!

Queen... I like looking at the young boys but when it boils down for me... it's usually the older men who interest me.

Lovebabz... Are you irritated again?!?! LMAO

Kay C... I agree. Everyone seems to be chasing their "hey day". I am waiting to hear about your "newness".

Monique... I have seen Denzel in person a couple of times. I have not been disappointed once!

jennifer said...

AMEN. A man ten years my senior walked into my life and captured my heart with his clarity, seasoning, and joy. He's lived long enough to know what matters.

MsKnowitAll said...

Jennifer... Yes Sis, you feel me!