Monday, September 22, 2008

Unlady Like

The girl that I like
Is very unlady like
Yet, perfect for me

I was looking over this book I bought from the Library Bookshop one day titled "As A Lady Would Say" and I realized that sometimes I'm not all that lady like. Sure I walk the walk. I dress like a lady. I style my hair like a lady. But my talk may not always be lady like. But then sometimes it is and for that I'm proud. I am able to see how and where I've matured but I see where I can grow some more.

Here are a few of the 61 things every well-spoken lady knows....

1. A lady knows how to begin a conversation.

2. Although a lady would never provoke an unpleasant confrontation, she knows how to deal with one.

3. A lady always thinks before she speaks.

4. Although a lady does not fret over the past, she also thinks after she speaks, assessing the correctness of her behavior.

5. If a lady realizes, in retrospect, that she is guilty of an unintentionally rude or thoughtless remark, she attempts to set the matter straight, at her earliest opportunity.

6. If a lady is subjected to a rude remark or rude behavior, she does not offer rudeness in return.

7. A lady allows others to finish their sentences. Even in her most brilliant moments, she does not interrupt others, no matter how dull their opinions might be - or how many times she may have heard their stories before.

8. A lady does not talk with her mouth full -- even over the phone.

9. A lady does not take part in major arguments over minor issues.

10. When a lady learns that two friends are to be married, she tells the groom-to-be, "Congratulations", and offers her "Best Wishes" to the soon-to-be bride.

11. A lady is slow to judge the actions of others, in either their public or their private affairs.

12. Although a lady knows how to assert herself, she also knows when to keep her opinions to herself.


Kiayaphd said...

Wow!! I pretty much failed that test on all points. (I don't talk with my mouth full)!!

It's a good thing I identify myself as a "woman" and not a "lady" otherwise my feelings might be hurt.

Lovebabz said...

And sometimes a lady knows when she has to NOT be a lady in order to set things right (smile.

MsKnowitAll said...

Kiaya... I argue over the smallest of issues, I KNOW I'm not always a lady. It was surprising to see how I failed as well.

Lovebabz... I agree! Sometimes you gotta be unlady like to get ish done! LOL

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Failed 1-4.
failed 9 man do I fail that one big time.

shaky on 11.

Oh well I am not a lady :(

I am a woman trying to find her way.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Hmmm...I have some of those qualities, but let's just say I need to work on others :)

MsKnowitAll said...

Queen... LOL... don't frown. I know you're a lady when you have to be and a full grown woman handling yours in all other areas.

Kay C... I feel you Sis. I know I need to grow on many levels.

Ticia said...

Ummm...... I am 75% of these lady rules...


MsKnowitAll said...

Ticia... I'm still learning my lady lessons. Congrats on 75%! That's no small feat.

Queen said...

Damn, no talking on the phone with my mouth full?!...I thought ladies got a pass on that 1!

MzNewy said...

I fail the test...why do folks associate being a lady with being "docile" and demure. I say I am a lady with some gutta tendencies LOL

Ms.Honey said...

I didnt fail but I must say that I can do better lol

Don said...

Sounds like a Dream Girl.

MsKnowitAll said...

Queen... LOL - Nah, no talking on the phone with your mouth full. I did that on the phone with my co-worker and she just about hung up on me.

MzNewy... It's a white woman who wrote the book and their definition of lady may not be what ours is. LOL

Ms. Honey... Hey! How are ya! Yes I can do better too, to improve upon the ladyhood.

Don... Figures. LOL You wouldn't have to worry about your lady saying anything crazy, no needless arguments, no negativities.