Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whattaday, Whattaday

I wake up at 7:30
6:30 is the ideal time for getting up
Yet my bladder is heavy at 5:00
I can’t resist going back to sleep for that hour and a half
This really turns into 2 and a half hours
I am supposed to leave for work at 8:30
Getting up, ironing clothes, bathing and packaging clothes so that I can spend the night at my guy’s house tonight
I actually leave home at 9:30...

I bought these cute red heels so that I can finally wear my skinny jeans (True Urban Queen, you would be proud)
Everyone at work thinks that I lost weight but really my skinny jeans are too big
Which negates wearing skinny jeans in the first place
I step out of the house cuter than cute with my red shirt and sweater
Red heels
Skinny jeans (which look good even though they are a little baggy)
2 red bags, one pocketbook and one with tomorrow’s clothes
I even got on red earrings and a red watch!
I’m fabulous!

Side note:
If I ever relocate from New York City or I take a job anywhere else in the city, I’m pretty sure I will never miss working in Times Square/Mid-town Manhattan
This week is fashion week and the models, the photographers, everything is crazy, crowded, congested

On my train ride
I get a couple of stares from men
And even one woman
I’m high stepping when I get off the train at 42nd Street
Walking hotter than plus-sized, not really plus-sized, model Toccara
I climb the steps
Out into the street
Run smack dab into fashion week hoopla
I see they have models in white parading around Bryant Park
So what it’s 10:15 and I’m supposed to be at my desk troubleshooting and setting up trials for electronic resources

And then my left foot dips a little
Nah that’s not what I think
I take another step and my left foot dips again
My left heel broke on my brand new red shoes!
Good thing I have the light brown peep toe heels that I’m supposed to wear tomorrow
I’m feeling crappy
Outfit jacked up slightly
Could be worse, so much worse
Walking down 40th street
Heading to work
Mad about my shoe
Good mornin’ the
Yardi says
A smile creeps on my face
My island accent which I inherited
Comes so naturally at the right time
Springs forth from my lips
I say...
Mornin’ back


The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Getting extra sleep and looking good are wonderful reasons to be late for work.

As soon as I read the words red heels I had a smile on my face and the thought. .. Go head girl. .. in my mind.
So yes I was proud.

Then I read the part. . .the horrible horrible part.

I have never had that happen and if it ever did I think that would be just the push to put me over the edge. Watch out manager.

Good thing you had the extra pair.
I am positive you still looked fab-u-lous.

Loved the morning recap.

ChezNiki said...

My thong's showin'/ But its cool my shoes go wit it" -Remy Ma, Conceited
It's a Bronx/ New York thing to match right down to your underwear. I struggle with this living in Boston. I swear these people must be color-blind... or maybe they refuse to match their clothes on purpose ?!?!?

Sorry about the shoes ((moment of silence)). That happened to me on the way to a club... my red BCBG Max Azaria sandles ((another moment of silence))

MsKnowitAll said...

Queen... Thanks Mama! I still looked cute with the alternate heels I admit. It's happened to be a few times, hardly never in heels though. When Parade first came out they had cheap heels on their shoes but then they upgraded.

Chezniki!... I love the Remy Ma verse because you know I had on red panties!

Thanks for the moments of silence. NO your BCBG heels didn't pop! I hope that didn't disrupt your good time too much.