Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Words I Type

* I forgot my book at home for 2 straight days or there would be more of the 61 things every well-spoken lady knows. But then again, I think that we blogger women could probably write 61 thousand things... and it would certainly be a best seller!

* I've got a matter of the heart, Kiaya. And the movie that best resembles my love life is Annie Hall. ?!?!?!

* I've got you over here who doesn't understand my thinking, my need for freedom, my love of all things beautiful, my devotion to my family and we've been together for the past few years and I love you and your daughter to death, through the rough and rocky and the joyous and happy.

* Then I've got you over here who I keep on bumping into. So what I knew you since 2002?! So what you're fine and you like serenading me, "Kisses Don't Lie"?! So what you're a beautiful struggling artist who keeps saying to me "No pressure, Special K, no pressure"?!

* All I know is that you're a big distraction... and I'm confused...

* I have officially turned into my office's terrorist. One stupid email from my sup's boss and I lost my ladiness. I demanded Saki buy me some chocolate cake-ah. I get mad at my replacement for occupying not one but two copy machines and I send off one not-so-nice email to my sup's supervisor. I haven't received a reply yet and I'm glad. I felt like flipping desks and chairs earlier.

* What would possess that fool to CC all of those people like I don't know what I'm talking about? I used to work for him and I used to run his office smoothly! Now suddenly he's questioning me and cc'ing folk who know that I'm correct because everyone's up on it, except for his dumb @ss!

* Why would they hire me to put out fires? Better yet, why would I apply for this position? I know it's been a year that I've been here but I don't like fires. Right now I just want some routine, monotony. Troubleshooting is my number one duty. My supervisor gave me a list of our duties and it's still tacked up on my cubbie wall.

* Now that I'm looking at the list of duties, I realize that I have been doing 5 of her 10, added to my 9. WHAT?!?!?!

* After not eating meat since May, I think tonight I want a mushroom angus burger from McDonald's.

* But I know it's just my hormones.

* You text message me "Thoughts of you leaves me day dreamin'" STOP! *~Smile~*... okay... (sigh) don't stop.

* I'm trying to find a clip from Harlem Nights when Danny Aiello had a taste of Sunshine and calls his wife to says "Barbara, it's Richie. I ain't never coming home no more. Take it easy." That's awful :(

* I've been talking to this dude and about this dude for 2 days! And smiling like a fool! My cheeks hurt.

* Either white nor off-white is my friend or because I look and feel humongous!

* You're energy, feels so damn good to me.... Now what am I supposed to do / When I want you in my world / How can I want you for myself / When I'm already someones girl?

* See it ain't nothing wrong with dreaming / Boy don't get me wrong / Cause every time I see you / I know just how strong / That my love is for my baby / But emotions just don't lie / Well I know I'm a lot of woman / But not enough to divide the pie

* I guess Ill see you next lifetime

I'm outta here! I told my guy to pick me up at the station around 7:30 and there's no way I'm making it out to East Newy in under an hour.


Kiayaphd said...

From Annie Hall: "Alvy eventually realizes he still loves her and tries to convince her to return with him to New York. He fails and, resignedly, returns home to write a play about their relationship, which ends with him winning Annie back. Later, the two are able to meet on good terms as friends, now with different lovers. Alvy ends the film by musing about how love and relationships are something we all require despite their often painful and complex nature."

Ok, so this sorta kinda resembles the heart matter.

Here's why I'm thinking there's a heart matter: either 1) your current relationship is getting closer and more serious, it feels good, but you're afraid something will happen to jinx it, ergo,renewed attraction to ol' boy, or 2)your current relationship is getting closer and more serious, but you're dissatisfied in some way,ergo, fantasies about the coulda, woulda, shouldas.

I'm wondering if the renewed attraction is less about the 3rd party and more about something going on within your relationship?

My opinion (and made without any of the fine details)! LOL!!!

MsKnowitAll said...

Kiaya... Very good! Opinion #2 is sorta kinda on point. Thanks for the Annie Hall rundown. I didn't get a chance to do it myself.

clnmike said...

hhmm, I cant think of any movies that would describe my love life, I think I need to watch some more chic flicks

MsKnowitAll said...

Clnmike... Yes I think chic flicks is exactly where you will find movies to match your love life. Perhaps something like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Shallow Hal, or Wedding Crashers...?