Wednesday, May 14, 2008


"Ain't gonna play no second fiddle 'cause, I'm used to playin' lead..." -Bessie Smith

Now before I begin, when my co-worker CB comes through & reads this, she better see the joke in this post.

Lately I've been noticing that I've been getting some male attention around here at the j-o-b. Invites to go to the movies or lunch or dinner. Little comments that seem to be coming from nowhere. But what I'm also aware of is these men were all admirers of my co-worker/sistafriend CB first.

Re-Re AKA The Chipmunk

He's been asking me if I want to go to the movies with him. If anybody knows me even a little bit, they know I don't do movies dates with ANYONE. I've told Re-re this quite a few times when he's asked to roll with me but he's dying to see Iron Man with me, even though he's already seen it.

Now Re-re/Chipmunk has been a groupie of CB's for quite a while now, possibly a year or more. Not too long ago, CB gave him some tude and the evil eye and now he's wondering about my availability and my recent movie trips. Needless to say I don't like The Chipmunk. I'm sure he's a wonderful guy to his wife and 4 children but he's an all right co-worker to me who I'm not interested in breathing air with.


Actually I think I can claim Willy first but I dunno, he's got quite a few admirees around this place... A couple of weeks ago I happened to pass Willy and he tells me that "I'm the love of his life" and the flirtatious woman that I am says "Willy, now, you better stop playing with me" with a wink and a dip in my hard switch.

Probably in the same week Willy got on his knees and proposed to CB in the corridor. HELLOOOOOO!!!!!!

Mr. Senegal

Me and CB haven't come up with a name for this dude but she'll know exactly who he is if she reads this. About a week ago he asked me if I've been on vacation and I told him that I was working hard and just been busy generally. He then says, "You know, you have to let me take you to dinner some time". I replied, "Hahahahahahahahahaha! Have a good nite!"

Now Mr. Senegal went back home about a year or 2 ago and sent CB a postcard, obviously thinking of her even while he was away, about 7500 miles away!

********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* *********

I'm posting this jokingly. Me and CB are far from being in competition or vying for the same guy. We like 2 different types and we both know that most of the guys here are for entertainment (comic relief) purposes only. Except for that fine Colombian dude who sets us both aflame - WHOOOOOOOOO! The Dr. Ian lookalike-for CB and the 2 that I've got special love for ~*smiles & giggles*~. We actually have a friend who I always tell her falls in love with the both of us rotatively. She doesn't think so or maybe she just doesn't want to admit it...

"You must think that I am blind,
You've been cheatin' me all the time
Whoa yeah, you still flirt
And you'll notice I ain't hurt,
To see you with my chum
Do you think that I am dumb
Ain't gonna play no second fiddle 'cause
I'm used to playin' lead..."


Lovebabz said...

I love this post. it is so Girlfriend--esque! I am glad you see the humor in all of is really funny and you set the stage for comic relief very well. Now you have to keep us posted on the office happenings! (smile)

Divine Perception said...

Have mercy, I didn't know chipmunk was asking you to go to the movies...ewww. The guys at the job are so pathetic. Sad part is I know they all have someone. Let's see how many more try and talk to the both of us. And as for the one that rotates his affection, he needs to get a grip. You can have him cause, he pissed me off and now I am holding a grudge. I say that in the nicest way possible.

Monique said...

Girl, we all need the comedy in our lives. I'm 7 months pregnant and there's a man that I've worked with for over a year that still asks me out despite having a wife and two children around the same age as me!

MsKnowitAll said...

Lovebabz... We have a lot of fun here at work. As things heat up, as the weather, I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Divine... Yes Siree Chipmunk is bugging if he thinks Movie Tuesdays will be a joint venture. I fly dolo son! LOL

Monique... Hola Mama-to-be and thank you for coming thru! Chipmunk, Willy & Mr. Senegal all have wives and children. So I'm sure your Mr. Man is probably thinking the same way as these "What's up with some on-the-job love?" LOLOLOL

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I have gotten a lot of unwanted attention on the job.
Let, me just day this whole comment may offend someone.
I am a teller at a bank so I see plenty of people.

The I get my check on the first so I can't support you the other 29 or 30 days.

White men both poor and rich who just don't understand, I am not attracted to them what so ever.

The over 70 men who don't understand I still like having sex.

The guys frontin like they got money but, I can see their bank accounts.

The man I can see your wife's name on your account.

I could go on but, the list would be at 100.

MsKnowitAll said...

Sharon... LOL - the games men play.... I mean women play games too but I think at times we are more calculated about it.

I'm cracking up about:

"The guys frontin like they got money but, I can see their bank accounts."


"The man I can see your wife's name on your account.

Liryc said...

Ooh girl let me tell you about Mr. Senegal. Well one day I was leaving the office to go and meet Ivory outside. Now it was after 5:30 and the job was closing so he had to come up and take names and what not for us to be covered, since I had to leave at 6 I signed, but as he walked into my cubicle I stood up to give him a hug and Mr. Senegal promptly kissed me on the mouth, now I don't know if Mr. Mallon saw, but he did kiss me square on the mouth, I played it off as if nothing happened but I have yet to look at him the same way. It was like "Are you SERIOUS!" and a dose of "WHAT THE F**K!" But I've let it slide, he's notice the change in my greetings and keeps his distance. Just thought I'd chime into your little talk.. This is what goes on inside of job like ours.. and people said that the library was boring!

Oh btw, great post!