Friday, May 30, 2008


Probably one of the most exquisite insects ever are butterflies. From their origins as caterpillars that crawl on leaves and gnaw at everything around them to their metamorphosis into beautiful flying creatures that eat pollen and nectar (sweet things) .

The most intriguing part of the butterfly is its wings. Well not really the wings but the colorful scales that cover the wings. Not all butterflies are flamboyantly colored but the ones that are we all admire.

Butterfly wings are very fragile. If you touch the wings of a butterfly, the scales rub off on your fingers and when you rub them too hard, you can actually harm the butterfly or subject them to the harm of prey. When the fragile wings fray or are torn, they do not repair themselves.

I love me some butterflies. I have beautiful butterfly jewelry, not quite like
Mariah Carey's diamond studded ring, but my ring is aw'ight. LOL

But what I described above about the butterfly wings is exactly what I love about them. The fact that they are fragile yet flexible and unusually beautiful... like me. And just as butterflies cannot be mishandled because it poses harm to their lives and makes them vulnerable to outside forces... I have come to realize my fragility, my vulnerability, my femininity, my elaborateness, my creativity, my weakness and my strengths, my boldness to bare my brilliant colors...


Jennabee said...

I love beautiful and mysterious...I don't see them often, but when I do, its only see one, they hardly ever fly in I just follow it with my eyes to see where it's headed next......just beautiful and delicate.

MsKnowitAll said...

Jennabee... ummm hmmm, you see the beauty too - "they hardly ever fly in packs..." i like that!

Anonymous said...

IS this photograph or a drawing of a butterfly? Who did it?

please email me

Thanks so much!!