Monday, May 12, 2008

Post Mother's Day

There is something about Mother's Day that makes me feel like I can never do enough to repay my Mom for all she's done. So I simply focus on the day and celebrate her.

I tell her often that I love her. I help her out if she ever needs me. I'm taking off from work, accompanying her to various appointments (oh the joy!), picking up her favorite pom juice even though it's expensive, and doing all of the things that would make a mother happy and proud of her daughter.

So why does my Mom have a major at-ti-tude with me? Over what? I have not a clue!

I see my mom often, about 4 days a week, and I speak to her everyday. On the phone, Saturday morning, she was fine. However Sunday morning went a little like this...

Mom: Hel-lo
Me: Good morning Mommy, Happy Mother's Day to you!
Mom: Thank you
Me: So are you getting ready for church?
Mom: Not now
Me: Ok.... well it still is kinda early. Well I'll meet you there.
Mom: Silence
Me: Mom?
Mom: Yeah.... silence.... you know what? I'm not going to your church this morning. I'm going to church with Ms. P from the first floor, talk to ya later.


It's a good thing cell phones don't have dial tones.

The lady (Mom) was in a better mood when I arrived with flowers, cards with cash stashed inside. Perhaps she just wanted to see her daughter's face or maybe the preacher at Ms. P's church said something to ease my Mom's anger.

All in all, yesterday was a good day.

What I can't quite rap my mind around is the amount of money I spent on flowers. It was cheaper that 1-800-flowers or pro-flowers but dang! If the peddlers on the corner don't usually sell flowers, why in the world did they TRY to charge me $20 for 4 flowers? The thing is about peddlers is one is bound to have the right amount attached to the product, if you're willing to shop around and I'm frugal and willing. So I spent $25 for a dozen of red & white roses, baby's breath and that long green leafy part.


Don said...

i read your post twice and i didn't get it either. maybe, like you stated, she would have rather you were in her presence while you wished her a happy moms day...

good that everythin was good. flowers are definitely expensive. it's madness. LOL.

MsKnowitAll said...

Don... Mom was officially bugging out. I still sense some tension when we talk but I ain't worried about it.

The flowers, cards and all of the hoopla is just too much like Christmas, Valentine's... yes it is madness!