Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hump Day

While watching NY1 this morning, I saw a little piece of a cloud over the sun, signifying a passing shower, MAYBE, but definitely sunshine. The newscaster did not say by this evening, when you're ready to leave work, rush to the train to stay dry and avoid the rain!

This morning and early afternoon was beautiful. Absolutely. My mother brought some more sunshine when she called me, using her precious minutes on her cell, to tell me she was passing through and wanted to see me. Of course she also expected a parade of my co-workers whom I'm always speaking of but I only brought CB AKA cut buddy down with me.

Now it's time for me to leave work and my plans of people watching and journaling in Bryant Park have been crushed. :(

People watching has to be one of my favorite past times. I can literally sit for hours and hours and stare at people... what they are wearing, the way they walk, how they hold their cell phones, purse their lips, play with their hair... I simply enjoy watching human behavior. Probably is related to my undergrad degree in Psych.

I was always a people watcher, even as a young'n. During the summer months I would wake up early in the morning to watch the sunrise and sit in the window for most of the day. Watching folks pass by on their way to the market, parents with children, the other kids playing baseball or basketball in the dead end.

When I got good and ready I would ask my Dad, who worked nights, if I could go outside and hang with the rest of the kids. He always allowed me to but when he left for work, around 3, I had to head back upstairs unless one of my parent's friends, who they allowed to watch me, was out and then I could stay outside until my mom came home from work. If no adult was out, I headed back up to the apartment and back to the window.

That was back before it was law to put child guards up to the window. I was heated when they put them ugly pieces of metal up the window, hindering me from resting my elbows and gazing out. I was 12 years-old the year they put them in and my brother's girlfriend had just given birth to my nephew and since he was always at my place and very active, it was extremely important that we had something to prevent him from danger.

I digress...

So today... this evening... I head home where I'll journal in the livingroom instead of the park listening to my other man, Eric Benet.

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