Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Morning After

"Hush, don't say a word
I can't even explain what I'm feeling
Feeling, lying next to you
Ooh feels so good
Don't let the words ruin the moment
Please don't say nothing
I know you might feel guilty babe
Don't let the mind do the speaking
Just let the heart do the leading
Cause we gave each other what we both wanted
Look what we've started"
"The Morning After"~Deborah Cox

Hindsight is always 20/20

It’s Saturday night and you have no plans. You get a text from Homeboy asking “What you into for tonight?”. “Nada” you reply. “Well how about I come over to play scrabble or checkers, watch the game, watch the fight, watch just regular cable TV, get my hair braided, or to borrow the USB of Ayo”.

You took a shower when he sent you the last text saying he was on his way and you oiled up with body oil, smelling like cocoa butter. You decided to just throw on the tight yoga pants , no panties, and a fitted top, no bra. So glad you went and got a color change earlier that day. Fire red toes.

The night before was not intentional

With your hair pulled back, a freshly cleansed face and lip gloss shimmering you answer the door. He comes in and he stopped on his way over and picked up some fresh mango and pineapple chunks. He hands you the bag and you notice how big and sexy his hands are. You never noticed that before. You bite your bottom lip. You look up and your eyes lock with his. You wonder if he can read your thoughts, your actions.

The night before was not deliberate

Earlier that day he ran over to see his man to get a line and his goatee lined up. He’s all showered and he oiled his locks with Patchouli. He’s wearing a black v-neck long sleeve tee that reveals the silver cross around his neck, fitted jeans and some black Chuck Taylors.

All around the living room scented candles are lit. You offer him tea or water. “Just water”, he says. You bring back 2 glasses, settle in the living room and sit, crossing your legs. It’s 9:00 pm.

It’s a good thing you keep condoms in the drawer of the end table.
It’s a good thing you let your girlfriend talk you into getting a bikini wax.

It’s the morning after

And you're laying in the bed. He's spooning you and you wonder if he's up. You're justifying all of you actions. It’s not like you don’t know him. You two have been friends since forever. It's not like you didn’t already have feelings for him. It’s not like he has a steady girl or married. It’s not like you have a man or anything

And then the guilt…

Maybe I shouldn’t have let him give me a massage in the first place! Why did I have to start wrestling with him! We were just watching the movie! He must think I’m a slut! Naked underneath my clothes! What was I thinking?!?!

Then you feel him hug you up tighter, he asks if you're awake but you keep silent, thinking he's thinking the same things you're thinking. He kisses you on your neck and you're reminded of how good last night felt. It all felt too good to have regrets now!

“Baby I can't help but see it
You gave me what I needed
There's no way that I can deny I love you so
The longer that I'm with you
The more I see that I need you
Let's take what we have and make it last
Forever more”


Monique said...

Dizzzammmm girl! So, are you still feeling guilty or are you still basking in the glow of it all? This reminded me of the intro to "Prototype" by Andre 3000.

MsKnowitAll said...

Monique... IT'S FICTION, ONLY FICTION!!! But I was so inspired by "Where Are My Panties?" Good guess!

Liryc said...

If this is a story you need to make it into a book. I think I've told you that I'm waiting for you to write your book, but for some stranger reason you choose to ignore me. Now I will not be ignored for much longer. MsKnowitAll.. don't make me hurt you!

MsKnowitAll said...

LIRYC!!! Well hello to you deary! Welcome back!

Yes this really is fiction. I don't have anymore male friends... And I never ignore you! I just walk away from you when you mention it. lol

Eb the Celeb said...

Girl... letting them massage has got me in trouble many a nights..

and glad to hear I'm not the only one that likes to wrestle...lol