Monday, June 16, 2008

I Must Check Myself

Father's Day

Lately I seem to be a day late... especially when it comes to the holidays. I don't know exactly why and at times there's just no making up.

For instance I forgot to wish my main on-the-job man a Happy Father's Day. This man has promised me that I would be one of my baby mothers and for some unknown reason it completely slipped my mind to give him special wishes on the day delegated to fathers. How could I allow that to happen?!?!

On a serious note, I consider him one of my friends and he's on my mind daily. I had every intention of sending him a text or give him a call but I just didn't scroll my phone down to his name when I was selecting men to wish a happy day to. Today I felt his wrath and I could tell he was upset with me or just a little hurt. I wish I could make it up but I guess I have to do better next year.

Then there's my Daddy. I didn't forget him at all. I just didn't get him anything.... yet.
My father already has everything. It is believed that it's difficult to shop for someone who already has everything but it really isn't. You just give them more of what they already have... My father is vacationing in Antigua this year so I'm getting him a gift card so he can do some shopping before he leaves.

I am so grateful for my father... for his being a father to me, for his love and dedication. I know of some fathers who don't parent after the marriage ends or in my parent's case, once they separate. But I'm grateful for an unbreakable bond with my dad. He's a 365 day father, unwavering, supporting, uplifting, and caring father.

2nd Saturday in June

I spent some much needed time with my godchild on Saturday. The last time I saw or spoke to him was the 2nd Saturday in June 2007. I usually don't have have the guilt mechanism but when it comes to that little boy... I wish I could give him the world and half of my bank account and everything else he could ask for.

My godson, Elijah, performs with a Brooklyn-based African cultural arts program and he plays the drums and dances Capoeira and Hip-Hop and he's so extraordinary. I love him so much and he never holds a grudge or gives me shade if he doesn't see me. He hugs me and holds my hand as if he sees me everyday and I know that has everything to do with his mother, my other sister-friend, KC.

I've known KC for almost 20 years now. We started out as friends but through the growing pains and a few rough patches, we meshed into a sisterhood. We don't talk but about 4 times a year and we usually stay on the phone for 3 hours a stretch but what we have is remarkable and I'm grateful for her and her son.

Being Intentional

I posted a few weeks ago about being intentional with words. But as I type, I'm thinking of being intentional with my actions. It is my desire to truly show the people in my life that I love them and adore them. I sincerely WANT to be more intentional in showing them my love and concern. I want to shout them out and let them know without a doubt that I appreciate them. And I know that I must follow through in my actions. I forgive myself for slipping up this past year but as I move forward, grow and learn, I will be more intentional in my thoughts, words and actions.


The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Well, I think that you are showing your intentions loud and clear with this post.
I beleive everyone you have shout out to, written about, and spoken such kind words to feels your intentand knows it is heartfelt.
This was a very sweet post.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Being Intentional...

I like that, I think I should work on that one myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

MsKnowitAll said...

Sharon... thank you much. i know i need to get out of my own head much more often and give honor where honor is due.

Kay C... being intentional is one of my well work journeys. i'm so glad you were inspired.