Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008


I was not prepared for the heatwave that hit NYC on Saturday and continues to assail this city. Today is another hottie feeling like 100 degrees.

So glad that I....

  • Stayed inside my office building where it's 58 degrees all year around (to preserve the books that are processed and cataloged here)

  • Switched to anti-perspirant deodorant rather than the natural products I normally use

However I am still....

  • Sweating profusely

  • Checking & rechecking my arm pits
I wouldn't mind if I came home and the hydrant was on.... but then again I will mind because they simply don't stop and then they might try to wet me.


I was reading a post from a fellow blogger, Kay C, The Quietstorm, and I am reminded that relationships are not supposed to be hard... I could expound on this but I'll save it for another post...

I don't know when I started working harder on the weekends than I do during the week. Tonight I'm vowing to head to bed before 11 pm... Geez!

Now that it has suddenly transformed into summer - I know I had on a jacket just last week - I want to experience something fun and enlightening everyday.

Why is Hillary playing word games? Why did she say she is suspending and not conceding? Hmmm

Tonight is a perfect night to see the Sex And The City movie. Oh my! It starts at 6:20 pm. Guess I'm packing up now and heading to 42nd Street!!!

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