Thursday, December 18, 2008

I've Been Tagged Y'all... The Countdown Tag

I've been tagged by the True Urban Queen. I thank her for this wonderful exercise that provided me with the distraction I needed to keep me from doing my work. Thanks! LOL So far today I have only checked my email and smiled nicely at my supervisor as I explained to her "No I am not wearing a dress today because I have a job interview. I'm just cute like that."

The Rules
Link back to the person who tagged you.
Answer the questions
Tag 7 other bloggers
Let them know in the comments they were tagged.

10 random things about me:
I am a psychology buff
I still own and use a VCR
I own a huge collection of postcards
I have small feet for my height
I store my childhood dolls in my closet
I love to laugh
I am a self-proclaimed researcher
I am the baby of my family
I'm a daddy's girl
I am a feminist

9 ways to win my heart:
Speak kindly
Know how to cook for me
Love my family as I love them
Listen intently
Be a good friend
Be quick to forgive me
Always be patient
Freely give from the heart
Give me space

8 things I want to do before I die:
Take a tour of Egypt
Buy and own a house
Publish my work
Manage my own business
Have a nude portrait painted
Be TRULY debt free
Sail on seas
Get my PhD

7 ways to annoy me:
Don't listen to me
Cut me off when I'm talking
Bother me 1st thing when I walk into work (Thanks Saki)
Play loud music 1st thing in the morning
Dirty up my bathroom
Stir up ish

6 things I believe in:
World peace
The power of prayer
The hidden message of dreams

5 things I am afraid of:
Dirty bathrooms
My own strength

4 of my favorite things:
Home washing machines

3 things I do daily:

2 things I want to do within the hour:
Actually start to work
Eat my breakfast

1 person I want to see right now:
That woman who brings the checks

Also thankfully to the True Urban Queen herself, I have about 2 people to tag. LOL
Here goes:

Kay C, The Quiet Storm


clnmike said...

Small feet are cool as long as they are cute.


I am taking art classes on portraits as I type.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Thanks for the blog love! My responses are up. It looks easier than it relly is.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

@mike. . .silly

Once again I am keeping people from doing more important things . .like working

*hangs head in shame

Thank you for the guilt and for taking time away from the job to do it.

I didn't realize how much I loved my washer machine til it broke and I had to live without one for two months. I thought I was going to die.

What you going to do with the nude portrait? Put it up in the living room of the house you buy?

freedom said...

Hi. Was tagged by The Urban Queen, as well, and came to check out your lists. I'm starting to see a trend - women seem to hate to be "not listened to", or bothered first thing in the A.M. I, too, can't wait to see Egypt. Peace.

MsKnowitAll said...

Mike... LMAO You are crazy! and yes my small feet are also cute feet.

Kay C... I was stumped by this post. Took me dang near an hour.

Queen... And thank you for the distraction. It's a good thing my work ethic is at an all time low. LOL Don't worry about the guilt. It's nothing sweetie. I'd drop anything for you. Yes that nudie is going right up over the couch! LOL

Freedom... Thanks for commenting! As you can see, you're on my blog roll!

Ticia said...

great list!! made me laugh- and thanks for tagging me!

I am a daddys girl too - and everyone hates on it....

I got him wrapped around my finger - I even talk to my daddy in a special voice!

Breathless said...

Ohhhh I like this I might do it!

MsKnowitAll said...

Ticia... I have a daddy voice too! LOL Everyone I know hates it but who cares!

Breathless... Do it! I'm coming over to see if you did it, plus I need to catch up on what you been up to. :)