Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tell the Truth Tuesday

You know I love blogging. This is one activity I do religiously. But lately I've been thinking... you know, are some of us just putting on? I know this is not the venue for us to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but then again, yes it is... It's not like we're not in church on a Sunday testifying about last night's booty call or the swing party we just so happened to find ourselves at... This is the blogosphere. Ain't nuthin' wrong with telling the truth! I mean it's quite all right to hold back on plenty of the details of our intimate lives, if you want to, but I think it's refreshing to come across a blog read I can nod my head to because it's nothing but the real.

I don't know what it is, I'm thinking it's the month of December, but my Sister Bloggers are revealing some personal truths... I think it's wonderful when are truthful and comfortable with yourself to say that you're not a good girl like Kiaya or when you toot your own damn horn like Kay C. My two girls, True Urban Queen and ChezNiki have no problem revealing their inner kitty. I can't forget P****Chats.

So just because you're wholed up in church on Sundays, it does not mean that on Saturday you weren't holed up or tied up to the headboard...

Just because you love the Lord and post your weekly gratefuls, it does not mean you do not like, no love, sex, regularly, with an ex who just happens to not be your man...

Just because you're a good girl, it does not mean that you do not have a crate full of pornos in the stash or a rabbit in the goodie drawer by the bed...

Tell the truth...
You ain't never kissed another woman... when you were drunk? sober? lonely? bored?
You ain't never laid in bed with your man, closed your eyes and thought about the next man and worked your man out?
You ain't never laid in bed with your man, closed your eyes and imagined a woman and worked your man out? LOL
You ain't never thought about sex while sitting at your desk and had to make a bathroom run to scratch that itch?
You ain't never looked at your Pastor on a Sunday morning and wondered...?
You ain't never been home alone and bored and the phone rang, it's an ex, and before he asks how you doin'?, you tell him to come over before your right mind returns?

No? Well all right then, keep on being selfish and keeping your truth to youself! LOL

*I'm actually trying to be comical with this post. It's up to the blogger if they want to be raunchy or vulgar with their blogs and they can always block their blog from public view... It's just my opinion... that some of y'all don't have to be goodie-goodie all the time, y'all just be holding back!


The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

A swing party? Please tell ;)


You ain't never been to a church on a recent Sunday last month and looked at an asst minister and had
unholy thoughts run through your mind?
*side eye myself

And while we are telling the truth . . let me confess early that this weekend my "friend/heartbreak" is coming home and while I know I should run the opposite direction. . .I won't.
And if only for one night I plan on enjoying it. Now the posts next week may be filled with much anger and sadness but

Yes, blogging it's my personal diary for the world :)

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Dancing and laughing as I sing..

Toot, toot...ahhhh, beep, beep!! LOL!

Yeah, I tooted my horn just a little :) But I agree with Sharon, blogs are your personal diary to the world. And if it helps someone get over a hangup or introduces you to great people than so be it.

Yep, I am guilty of a few things you listed. Not gonna say which ones..lol!

P.S. - Hopefully I can get some pictures from my fun-filled night ;)

MsKnowitAll said...

Queen... You know you crazy, right? And you know you like that man! He's must be a holy hottie! LOL

I've never been to a swing party. I've been invited and I had my gear all picked out for it had we gone but that's a story for another day...

As for the other things, I'm guilty of quite a few of them. Some just popped into my mind though. ;)

Kay C... I love the exchange of ideas and thoughts that blogs provide. If I found meaningless tales, then I'd probably pass on plenty of blogs but I love the insight you all provide.

I'm guilty too Kay C but I won't say either.

If you post some pics, I'd love to see...

Kiayaphd said...

What do you know about my goodie drawer?

I have to admit to quite a few of those under "tell the truth" but I've done enough revealing for the week.

Except I will confess to having phone sex at my desk and taking care of my itch right there on the spot!

Ok, I'm done now. . . is it starting to get a little warm in here, or is it just me!

Monique said...

Girl you are a mess! I have some truths I've choose to hold back, so yes I'm guilty. If only the walls could talk or someone sit beside me during my talks with certain men. Sheeehhhhh. It's no secret I'm a flirt, but man, a sister is ready to give in to some curiousity!

This was a great post and I may lose the ties that bind just a little to let you guys in on a glimpse of my secret life. LOL

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Actually he isn't I just nasty :(


MsKnowitAll said...

Kiaya... Did I call you out?!!! LOL and another LOL @ the phone sex @ work. Gurlllll!

Monique... Please do tell! We'd still be friends. I promise. LOL

Queen... I think you just gave me a topic for next week's post. Hmmmm.

clnmike said...

Lol, that was a lot of info.

Breathless said...

Lol, Good post, and you're right we don't have to be goody, goody all the time.