Monday, July 14, 2008

Manic Monday... weekend highlights

On Saturday, I went to a car dealership with my guy to pick out a new vehicle and I have a renewed commitment to public transportation. It's cheap, it's fairly reliable and there's no starving salesperson trying to swindle you out of all of your darn paycheck for a ride. Shucks! In this day and age, my guy is looking at a gas guzzling Jeep Laredo. I have little to no words for his vehicle choice but hey, it's his conscious and his pockets. On the plus side, we won't have to rent any vehicles for traveling. We have a PT Cruiser but it's giving problems, some very major and costly. He says hybrids are too expensive. I'm just looking to purchase a ten speed to ride or just rely on the good ole MTA.

Also on Saturday, My Aunt P. came up to visit my Mom. Apparently my aunt who is way too old for childish behavior comes up and she's picking on my mom. She started gigging on my mom's hair. My mom has beautiful locks and you know Black women are particular about our do, but my mom just took that mess but complained to me as soon as Aunt P. left. Then my aunt brought her 2 grandchildren and her husband's 2 grandchildren. My little cousins are well behaved and adorable. My uncle's grandchildren are huge terrors. Nothing peeves my mother more than big behind, greedy children who want to tear up her house. She said that they asked for gum. So she went and got a pack of gum and one of them took the entire pack and asked for another pack for his little brother.

I wish I was there. I'm an admitted hot head and I'm trying to change my evil ways but Aunt P. woulda caught some lip service and I simply love disciplining other people's chirren's. You don't mess with my mom!

My nephew calls me yesterday and I got a little sentimental. As a matter of fact, I am still misty. My nephew has signed up to join the National Guard and today he's flown down to boot camp. He's 20 but to me he's still a baby. Last night he says in a voice too deep to be real, "Auntie K. I know we don't talk much but I wanted to say goodbye and I love you". So Auntie K. had to get in his butt a little. I said, "We don't say goodbye baby, we say "see you later". I prayed about it and I know he's in God's hands but I haven't truly given it up because I worry about him so much. I just wish that school was an option for him but he wasn't the greatest student in high school and he says that he needs the discipline. I don't know why anyone would join any sector of the military right about now but I guess he's following in his father's footsteps since my brother joined the Navy. I told my neph that he better be in constant communication with me, just to let me know that all is well. First he better cry out for Jesus because he's in for a shock. Then his parents since that's a given but I must be third.


Anonymous said...

Not a piece of gum but the WHOLE pack, and then ask for another??? Chile please. I would not have had that either.

I'm wishing your nephew the best. He will be just fine. I joined the military for the same reason...minus the discipline. I last all of 22 months. Hopefully this experience will give him what he needs and he will adjust accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Car notes suck!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry and now that I am done venting, I believe your mom should have opened a can of whoop azz. You don't come up in my house being rude, you lucky you got gum in the first place.

As for your nephew, I wish him the best. You never know, he may come back better then ever.

MsKnowitAll said...

Jewells... thanks for the well wishes for my nephew. I feel better and I pray he does adjust accordingly.

I don't like no greedy, hunger, rude kids!

Divine... welcome back homie! I'm surprised my mama didn't pop no azzes but she sure called me after to tell me that she can't stand them kids.

Thanks for the well wishes for neph, I sure hope he comes back with less hyperactivity and more focus.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I can't stand bad kids. I took my children out to eat the other day. And there was this woman and her children. They were so bad. Jumping everywhere, cursing, screaming. And she was sitting there eating an ice cream cone like she she didn't know she had the devil's crew with her.

I wanted to whip a**. I wanted sometime with those kids.

It's good your nephew is trying to get his life together. Hopefully, all will go well for him.

MsKnowitAll said...

Queen... LOL @ the devil's crew. I love beating on other people's kids. I don't always get the chance but I imagine it all of the time.

My nephew is a little unfocused right now. He's a good kid but hopefully he will move forward in a good direction. Thank you for your well wishes.