Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reality TV - NOT

It's so easy for me to get caught up watching Reality TV especially on Sunday nights. The main reason for that is because I'm not in my own home which has dust on my TV and remote because I hardly watch television when I am alone.

Two of my non favorite shows that I can't help but watch is I Love $ and From G's and Gents. I happen to enjoy watching Baldwin Hills and I can't quite understand why because there is no other show that depicts spoiled Black children in the most idiotic circumstances.

What I can't stand about reality shows:

The name changes
Why must they give the person or why does the person have to change their real name? What's the point in the show being dubbed reality if you won't or don't give your government name? Then the fools have the worst names. This character on G's to Gents, his name is Shotta. What is that all about? I won't get into the Flava of Love girls's names that are now featured on I Love $. It's totally ridiculous to me.

The Not Scripts
Reality shows are not supposed to be scripted but tell me why it sure sounds like it. I got it! They give them a scenario and then tell them to talk it out? Well then it's scripted. It can't be real if it's scripted and it sounds terrible.

The Edits
Reality isn't really reality if someone takes and edits it! Then you know what they do? After they film it, the fix it and sometimes people aren't in the crumby situations or saying the vulgar and foolish things you hear them say in the clip. Isn't that crazy? And you know how they have the camera time for the individual person? They are usually wearing a different outfit than the one they are wearing in the episode. If you take a good look, you will notice in the one on one camera time segments, their outfits and hairstyles never change. So I wonder if they tape them later or in advance?

A few years ago I had to put myself on a Reality TV diet. From America's Next Top Model to American Idol, I was hooked. After watching a program on how reality shows aren't real, after Fantasia won the title (I think), and after Eva won Top model, I went cold turkey and turned my tv off. Well not really I had to watch I Love New York and Charm School, but after then I was done. It's all repetitive and it's not enlightening to watch but here I am watching them all over again.

My all-time favorite reality shows...

The Real World (The mother of modern day Reality TV) - Season 1 with Heather B., Eric Nies, and Kevin Powell & Season 2 with comedian David Edwards and Kenny Anderson's baby mama Tami Roman.

Sheer Genius

Top Chef

Last Comic Standing

Biggest Loser

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (Only for the krazy Khloe)

Celebrity Fit Club

Judge Judy - I simply love when she calls someone stupid (because they usually are) or says her famous "Beauty Fades but Dumb Is Forever"

Run's House


Eb the Celeb said...

SSsssshhhhhh.. dont tell anyone but I like Baldwin hills too...

and I dont know which night G's to gents comes on but I do catch myself watching it since they repeat it so much...

my fav reality shows are:

America's next top model
Deion and Pilar
Run's House

MsKnowitAll said...

Eb... (whisper) it's 'tween me and you homie! LOL