Friday, July 18, 2008

Random Words I Type... Helluva Week

  • One of the holy hell raisers here at my j-o-b decided to give me a copy of the book "The Divine Revelation of Hell". Now why would anyone want to read that?!?! And why does she think I would be intrigued by any revelation of hell? Who would write this? Some woman named Mary K. Baxter. Has Mary K. visited hell? It must have been revealed to her in a vision as it was revealed to John... Isn't there enough evil in the world going round? What the hell? (Get that?) LOL
    Then I think the book belongs to her daughter... why would she give me a young adult book to read? Why is a young adult reading about the revelations of hell? If I didn't know better, I'd think she was praising the other team.

  • I have been extremely accommodating at my job these past few months. I have been covering phones for other offices all the while busting down my work. Today I decided to skip work this morning and go and get my do done. I feel very badly for my hairdresser because she had a heck of a job. My scalp hurt too much to part my hair so I put my tangled mess under a hat and she worked her magic. To CB: Yes, I went to the salon in the Bronx. I have 2 salons that I frequent. One in Brooklyn near my guy’s house and one in the Bronx. The Bronx does a better job. CB thinks it’s because I’m from the Bronx and your hair will only respond right if you get it done in your own borough.

  • So on Tuesday, I dropped my MP3 player in the tracks and today while getting
    ready for work I realized I left 4 or 5 pairs of my jeans in the laundry mat last
    Saturday. Took me almost a darn week to realize they were gone! I went by there
    today and instead of the man telling me, “You know, we threw you
    clothes away”
    he tells me that I didn’t leave them there. I don’t feel too
    bad because the inner thigh was wearing out in all of them. LOL. But that’s
    what I get for rushing last week. Oh well! Time to go shopping!!!

  • It’s been a helluva week. I’ve been fatigued like nobody’s business. I fell asleep on my co-worker during our lunch hour the other day. She thought I was bored but I was simply tired. After thinking it over, I realize it’s because I don’t exercise consistently anymore. I’ll try not to sweat out my touched up hair while getting active again. Darn, I’m yarning as I type!

  • My co-workers Saki and CB did me a solid this week. They both fed me either lunch or dinner or sometimes both. It’s not that I asked them to but a sister was down to $5 and they were very generous. Saki was nice enough to give me a soup, you can’t go wrong with soup but there were some strange things I had to pick out of it first. So I told y’all, I told my mama - If I get sick from eating Saki's soup because she may very well be trying to poison a sister, right here’s the proof!


Oh wait!

Here’s Farnsworth Bentley’s new video “Everybody”. I loves me some Andre 3000. If not for him and Kanye this song would be a bore. The video is hilarious!


MzNewy said...

Hey!!! You have had a helluva week...take time to enjoy the weekend! Have a good one!

MsKnowitAll said...

Thank you MzNewy - that's the plan! I'm bbq'ing this weekend. Taking it easy. Trying to regroup so I won't be so out of sorts next week. You have a good weekend as well!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I went from being tired to being full of pep to being tired to being full of pep.
I hope I ain't taking drugs and don't know it.

You are going shopping. I am so jealous. I want to go shopping so bad. I am just to broke. And I am fighting hard not to dip in to the emergency funds for some heels. I have to remember it will onlt make me happy for a day. Tomorrow I'll regret it.

Enjoy the weekend.

MsKnowitAll said...

Queen... LOL @ your energy cycle, thinking your taking drugs. That's just life!

I only bought 1 pair of jeans because I'm broke too! Now I can't shop until September...