Monday, July 28, 2008

mid year resolution

"Keep the promises you make to yourself"

While eating a Dove chocolate I see this quote on the back of the wrapper. At first I crumpled it up but then something told me to open it. This comes in right on time as I'm sitting at my desk with a hand written note that says "I Quit!!!" and I'm feeling a wee bit froggy.

I made a promise to myself...

* To leave my job by year 12. My 1st promise was to get out of here by year 5 but I got lazy. Definitely this is my last full year here in this institution.

* To be more positive and stop complaining. It's really easy to get caught up and say whatever comes to mind rather than channeling that positive energy and being more grateful.

* To stop procrastinating. I have improved in this area so much, but I have a ways to go.
* To talk less and listen more. I haven't excelled in this area at all, I'm such a chatterbox. :(

* Mid-year people purge. I usually purge people from my life every year but I'm grateful that I've surrounded myself with some good folks and have no need to purge... a lot. However, there are a few folks in my circle who serve no purpose. Mostly mentally and I'm got to take back some of my mental space.

I think the key to it all is to be realistic. It's difficult to make promises or changes in your life if you really don't want to or if it's too hard to. We make promises to ourselves that we're just not serious about and they just fizzle.

So today I'm giving serious thought to my new promises. No need to wait until December 31st to write out a list of resolutions. Everyday is an opportunity for me to look at my life and make some readjustments.


The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Did you quit?

I am against making resolutions for the New Year because I honestly know by Jan 12th I have stopped caring about them.
So, I always say mines are not to make any.

I should make some and set them up like goals. Short term and long term. Put them up on the wall where I keep my business plans but ,since I have been avoiding that wall that is not going to work.

Procrastination is a great one for me to work on.

MsKnowitAll said...

Queen... Nah, I didn't quit but I really want to. First off because it's the summer and I can come up with a million things to do besides busting this grind. I'm not a resolution maker either. I like to change up too quickly for that.

Anonymous said...

You know, I believe you are on to something. I can agree with the whole be more positive thing. I have an issue with that myself. It's just so easy to find the negative instead of the positive.

I usually do not purge people from my life but I think i should. It's hard for me to let people leave my life even though I may want them out of my life. I have a habit of being nice when i shouldnt and mean when I probaby could have done without.

I think its time I do a little soul searching myself.

MsKnowitAll said...

Divine... Awwww... Am I witnessing a transformation? Purging people is a wonderful thing, not necessarily cutting people off but limiting the influence they have, the time you give them...

Ticia said...

We all need to have promises to ourselves -

I turn 28 next month - and I have a lot goals for myself

MsKnowitAll said...

Ticia... definitely. I hope you're celebrating you're birthday for the month and I'm sure you'll be posting some pics.

MzNewy said...

I have been purging my dead weight all year...2008 is about truly new beginnings. Trying ot shed bad habits too.

MsKnowitAll said...

MzNewy... I think people expect the newness to happen in January and newness to follow throughout the months of the year. In order to begin anew, we have to work first... I'm going off on a tangent. LOL

I feel you my sister and I read about it in your posts.