Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vacation Days Off Re-Cap


I swear I think I work for my church more than I do for my 9 to 5 and I don't even get paid for it! Thankfully I had the day off but I still remained in my front of my home computer most of the day emailing, sending out letters, preparing church programs.
Then I went out to my church to finish the rest of my labor. Finally I was done "working" at 8:45 pm.
*I forgot to add when I first posted that I ordered my new phone from T-mobile. I'm so excited about it. It's got email, WiFi, video, photo and music abilities. So great, so great. It should arrive any day now.


Boyfriend has a backyard, which we decided to furnish some more and clean up. What resulted is simply beautiful. The lawn furniture we picked out was reasonably priced and looks wonderful as we prepare for a summer full of grilling and outside parties. However my legs are bitten up by the nasty insects that lurked under the leaves and weeds. Literally, my legs are covered with huge red bumps. I look deformed. Silly of me to forget the OFF! So now I'm spraying myself with rubbing alcohol and rubbing hydrocortizone on my legs to prevent myself from scratching. I had a good scratch-fest last night though. I really wanted to wear a skirt to work this week! Oh well, summer pants for me.


Back to the home improvement stores to return the unused items. A blower, some gloves and some other junk. We were prepared on Saturday and we did some damage out there but we didn't use all of equipment. We vegged out for the rest of the day and rewatched the BET Awards. I still love me some Maxwell.


I slept all day. I got up to eat twice but my tired eyes wouldn't focus on anything other than the inside of my lids until 4 pm. I needed the rest. I went back to bed at 11:00 pm and didn't miss a beat.


Thank God for days off from work. My co-workers missed me. Saki even greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the neck. That shocked my socks and grossed me out a little. I don't kiss my co-workers and if I did, I'd rub my check against theirs not touch them with my lips, especially not the neck. What the heck was that? Anyway, I love my job. Good to be back!

*I forgot add when I first posted that last week Thursday was my sup's birthday and while she took off from work, so did my other co-workers and I was here all by my lonely. Yippee! Anyway, today they want to have an ice cream cake for her. It is also a very hormonal kind of a day for me, as far as my cravings go. :( Emotionally I'm great though! And so regretfully without my co-worker CB, it's turning into a Fat Girl Tuesday (FGT). CB, I'm thinking of you as I chomp on this chocolate cookie and my baked Lays.

*You know, just thinking about it, all of my on-the-job husbands already have actual wives... hmm...


The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Well, overall it seems like you had a wonderful few days off.

I am sure the church appreciates your dedication.

Yardwork is so fun. That is why I have been avoiding it. Maybe, if I had a boyfriend to help me I would get to it.
Glad it turned out nice (the yard).
DO NOT SCRATCH!! It may leave you with ugly marks all over skin. . .or is that only for chicken pox?

I won't be watching those BET awards again this year. I'll check it out next year. Maxwell better stop playing and get to recording an album.

We all need to get well rested.

No kissing coworkers for me.

Have fun with your new phone.

Anonymous said...

yea yea you had a few good days off, but what is this about Fat Girl Tuesday without CB. Isn't she the one that created the damn day in the first place? Is there no loyalty? There is no love in the world, and you call yourself a friend. (tears of sadness for CB)

ChezNiki said...

I have a bad reaction with bug bites, as well. You should try a pain killer (to bring down the swelling) and/or an allergy pill (to stop the allergic reaction to the bug bites).

The rest of your weekend sounds really good!

MsKnowitAll said...

Sharon... I should have taken pictures. It's so nice when you work hard and you're able to see your accomplishment. I'm so proud of the hard work. But uhmm, I had to scratch. It's agonizing. I think it may leave marks but hopefully not. I got that good skin. lol Plus I own some bio oil, which is supposed to be good for marks.

Divine... CB is a punk!

Chez... I finally went and bought some Benadryl. I struggled because if I don't have to take meds, I won't bother - but I can't take it! I could scratch all day and night. The weekend was a relaxing blast!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Tag your it.